The People's March in London

Last Saturday I joined the People’s March in London that called for a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal. It was a peaceful and thoroughly enjoyable event with over a million attendants. I’ve seen more children than at any other demonstration—good for them as it is directly about their future.

The disastrous handling of Brexit has exposed many things. Any form of Brexit is problematic and offers disadvantages but no palpable benefit to the British people. The divisions between and inside Britain’s two major parties, the Tories and Labour, as caused by the first-past-the-post electoral system, are too deep to bridge and have resulted in a gridlocked parliament that makes it the laughing stock of the world. Ideally, a political system has a selection process that brings the most competent and committed leaders to the top. Here it’s the opposite; the politicians that are most self-serving, most incompetent and most blinded by ideology are in charge as evidenced by the Cabinet and the leaders of the two major parties, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

Brexit was brought upon us by an advisory referendum built on lies, false promises and an electorate that had no idea what ‘leaving the EU’ meant. It should have been annulled when accusations of manipulation and criminal activity on the Leavers’ side were proven right.

In the meantime, Britain has moved on. Current polls show that the majority of the British people want to stay in the EU. When pitched directly against any of the emergent Brexit scenarios, the Remain side commands a large majority.

It's time to end this national act of vandalism and self-harm. Revoke Brexit now, with or without a second referendum, and start rebuilding the broken political system of Britain.